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Curbside CSA

Our Curbside CSA (or Community Supported Agriculture) subscription program will provide an ever-evolving mix of the freshest local foods available while supporting small and local farms. Your support will allow our farmers to expand their fields and invest in their growth with the knowledge that the vegetables they grow will make it into the homes of their neighbors.

See below for more information

Pickup Frequency

In the Bag this Week
Medium Butternut SquashBraune Farm
pint of Porter Cherry TomatoesBraune Farm
1 Slicing CucumberBraune Farm
2 oz. of Microgreens The Green Microstead
.5 lb. Cured OnionsTalking Tree Farm
Cured Garlic Fruitful Hill Farm
Hydroponic BasilMikey's Garden
Next Step
Every Other Week
Next Step


What is a CSA?
A CSA (or community supported agriculture) normally connects consumers and farmers directly. You buy a “share”, the farmers use those funds to support their farm through the season, and you get a portion of the harvest- however bountiful it may be. Our CSA brings together all the farmers and vendors at the Pearl Farmers Market and beyond to bring you the best produce while supporting as many local farmers as possible.

Can I edit my CSA?
At this time we can not customize our weekly produce bags.
We encourage you to experiment with new/unfamiliar local and seasonal produce. We will be sending out weekly newsletters with recipe suggestions to help you out!

Can I pause/cancel my order?
You may “Postpone One Week” by emailing us at before the end of your edit window (Thursday 11:59PM) and a week will be added to the end of your subscription. Limited to 1 per month.
Due to the nature of our CSA, you can not cancel your membership in the middle of a subscription period. However, you may transfer, gift, or donate your remaining shares. Email us at for assistance.

Can I get a refund?
The CSA model is a way to support our farmers by guaranteeing sales based on the number of members. Due to this, we can not offer refunds for a canceled subscription. We can offer a gift certificate for your remaining shares that you can transfer, gift, or donate. We recommend starting with a short term membership to test it out!
If you have any issues with the quality of your produce please contact us directly at

Can I change my order frequency?
Send us an email at to change the frequency of shares already paid for.

What is the cut off for add-ons?
You may “add-on” additional curbside items until 11:59PM on the Thursday before your Sunday Pick-up each week

When/where do I pick up my CSA?
Pickup at Curbside HQ (300 E. Grayson St.) Sundays from 2PM-6PM. Follow the yellow signs to Pearl Curbside where a Markets associate will help you load your car.

What happens if I can’t pick up my bag?
Your best option is to “Pause one Week” before your edit window ends. However, if the window has already closed, we recommend sending a friend or family member to pick up your CSA for you. Make sure they have a copy of your weekly confirmation email or pickup number.
Any CSAs left behind after 6pm will be donated to San Antonio TimeDollar

How do I cancel my membership?
To end your CSA subscription please email before your next billing period to end your membership.

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