Bottling Dept. Food Hall

Our Mission

Our mission starts with food. Food brings us together, it helps us tell stories about who we are and where we come from. We like to think of Bottling Department as a place where this can unfold, and where collaboration is fostered between farmers, ranchers, chefs and people who simply love food. As such, our mission is about providing a space for emerging chefs to hone their craft and where affordable options from the local culinary community are available for all.

Culinary Commitment

Bottling Department is committed to supporting the growing San Antonio culinary community and working with area vendors who source fresh, local ingredients. Our goal is to provide a space for these chefs and their ideas to come together, as well as an accessible location for food lovers to come and enjoy the food they create. In doing so, we will build on San Antonio’s reputation as a destination where food lovers can discover new tastes and flavors from around the world.

Our History

Bottling Department's food hall is built on the original site of the brewery’s bottling department, which turned out beer bottles even before the Pearl name was adopted in 1886. Beer was bottled there until 1999 and the brewery shut its doors in 2001. In 2004, a fire destroyed the building, the corner stones and stone name plate were salvaged and the original design acted as inspiration for the new building. Today, Bottling Department upholds the Pearl tradition by serving as a location for the next generation of quality culinary experiences and products.

Bottling Dept. Restaurants