A Culinary Destination

We’re on a Mission

There are lots of ways to think about Pearl; it's a new take on an old neighborhood, it's a place to live and shop, it's an extension of the River North project.

To us, there is one thing that acts as the true heart and reason for this project – food. Food brings us together; food helps us tell stories about who we are and where we come from. We like to think of Pearl as an experimental space, collaboration between farmers, ranchers, chefs, home cooks and people who just love food. Our commitment to food is evident in every corner of Pearl. Our farmers market is the first year round market in the region. We're home to the third U.S. campus (along with New York and California) of The Culinary Institute of America, and two San Antonio natives and CIA graduates have opened up award-winning, innovative restaurants on site.

Everyday we want to continue to evolve the way we eat, cook, shop and learn about food. And we want your help; come eat with us, take classes, get to know our farmers, celebrate regional traditions and most importantly, join our community and our table.

UPDATE: In accordance with the City of San Antonio emergency declaration, all Pearl restaurant dining rooms will be closed until further notice. Online, delivery, and curbside pickup are still available; please consult with restaurant partners for available options.

Restaurants & Bakeries

Cafés & Bars

Bottling Dept. Food Hall

Bottling Department vendors are a unique mix that reflect the spirit of Pearl: emerging, local chefs who are bringing new ideas and flavors to life as well as established culinary professionals offering a creative spin on traditional fare. They are the heart and soul of San Antonio’s rich and growing reputation as a culinary destination, and their mix of ingredients, tastes and styles all combine to create a community united by culture and rooted in well-crafted, high-quality food.

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CIA San Antonio

The world's premier culinary college, the Culinary Institute of America is a welcoming community of students, instructors, alumni, and food industry leaders who all share a deep commitment to the culinary arts.

As diverse as the culinary world itself, the CIA San Antonio campus is home to the world's best professional culinary education, and a public restaurant that celebrates the flavors and cooking traditions of Latin America.

In addition, through its education programs and research initiatives, the college's San Antonio campus is committed to raising the profile of Latin cuisines and culinary techniques, and promoting diversity in the foodservice and hospitality industry.

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Pearl is always looking for new food concepts. Share your idea with us!

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