Farm/Company NameVendor NameCityProduct
Al's Gourmet NutsMargaret and AlSan AntonioGourmet Nuts
Alamo SpiceSally and SteveConverseSalsa, Spices, Cornmeal, and GF Mixes
Aurelia’s Spanish Chorizo (Sunday Market ONLY)Leslie and KeithBoerneAll Natural Spanish Chorizo
Bending Branch WineryRobert and JenniferComfortBoutique Texas Winery
Braune FarmsJeff and Julie SeguinSeasonal Produce and Fresh Eggs
Byccombe Natural Solutions from Springfield FarmBryan and Rhonda MoultanGoat Milk Soap, Salves, Lip Balms, and Produce
CKC FarmsChrissy and AdrianaBlancoFresh Goat Cheeses
Compost QueensKate and BetsySan AntonioOrganic compost
CrepeLandiaVicky and Sam San AntonioSweet & Savory Crepes, Gluten Free Granolas, and Pastries
Deep River Specialty (Sunday Market ONLY)Cheri and JeffSan Antonio Mustards, BBQ Sauces, and Jams
Eazy E FarmsMaggieStockdalePork, Beef, and Lamb
Element KombuchaKevin San AntonioLocal Fermented Beverages on Tap - Kombucha is a lightly effervescent fermented beverage of tea and cane sugar that is used as a functional food. It is produced by fermenting the tea using a Symbiotic Colony Of Bacteria’s and Yeasts, or "SCOBY."
FreshWater Farms ChristinaSan AntonioMicrogreens
Fruitful Hill FarmDaleSmithvilleSeasonal Produce
Gardopia GardensStephenSan Antonio
Gourmet Texas PastaCourtneyAustinHand crafted flavored whole wheat and GF pastas
GoatiliciousClaudia and Robert New BraunfelsFlavored goat cheese spreads, feta, and aged goat cheese
Grain4GrainYoni and MatthewBoerneLow carb, high protein upcycled flour from local microbreweries
Grain Free HavenMary AnnSan AntonioGF, paleo, and sugar-free baked goods
Green Bexar FarmsCodySt. HedwigOrganic produce
Hartman FarmRob and LoriStockdaleSeasonal Produce & Fresh Eggs
Holdman HoneyDavid and Susan SeguinPure Local Raw Texas Honey
Imagine Lavender FarmEleta Marble FallsCulinary, Medicinal, and Floral Lavender
J&J South Texas FruitsJeff and JeffreyChristineSeasonal Peaches, Plums, Pomegranates
Jenschke’ s OrchardBarrett and Lindsey FredericksburgSeasonal Farm Peaches, Blackberries
Kitchen PrideBill GonzalesMushrooms
Koch Ranches, Inc.Tony and CherylYanceyGrass-Fed Meats, Fresh Vegetables, Fermented Foods and Drinks, and Wild Boar
La Hacienda ProductsAndresSan AntonioTamales and Chorizo
Lambas Royal Indian FoodGarrima and Gurpreet Round RockPrepared Indian Food: Spinach Pakoras, Stuffed Breads, Naan, Vegan and Vegetarian Curries, Chicken Tikka Masala, and Chicken Vinadaloo
Lil’ Red’s Boiled Peanuts (Sunday Market ONLY)Lacey and MichaelSan AntonioBoiled Peanuts--Salted and Spicy Cajun
Madge's Food CompanyMike San AntonioFermented and artisanal foods
Martinez Farms Eugene, Yolanda, and ElizabethPleasantonCertified Organic Produce
Mikey’s Garden Melissa and MikeyHuntHydroponics and Aquaponics lettuces and herbs
Ming's ThingMingSan AntonioInternational Food and Condiments
Mother CultureMichelle San AntonioGreek Yogurt, Drinkable Yogurt
Ms. ChocolatierJanie San AntonioGourmet Candy and Ice Cream
Ocker PecansCarol San AntonioSeasonal Vendor: Texas Cheyenne Pecans
Oma & Opa’s FarmBradleyFredericksburgSeasonal Produce
Organic ChixCatherineSan AntonioChemical-Free Laundry Soap, Dryer Balls, Floor, and Surface Cleaners
Other Mother VinegarLisa and DavidFredericksburgArtisan red wine vinegar
Parker Creek RanchMandy and TravisD'Hanis Pastured Chicken, Eggs, and Turkeys
PAWsitively Sweet BakerySan AntonioLocally Sourced Ingredients and All Natural Dog Treats
Pop's Honey PopAlanSan AntonioLocal 100% Texas Wild Flower
Poteet Country WineryRichard PoteetStrawberry wine, mustang grape wine
Ricerise (Sunday Market ONLY) AsadSan AntonioRice Pudding
River Whey CreamerySusan and Kathleen SchertzAged Cheeses
Saba and Sweet QuailTanyaAdkinsQuail
San Antonio Coffee RoastersTony and Zanna San AntonioLocally Roasted, Fair Trade, and Organic Coffee and Teas
Sandy Oaks Olive OrchardSandy and Cynthia ElmendorfOlive Oil & Olive Products
Sol y Luna Baking CompanyLou San AntonioBaked Goods
South TX Heritage PorkKelley and Mark FloresvilleHeritage Pork
Startz Cattle CompanyCristal StartzSan AntonioTexas Wagyu Beef. Beef Bacon, Bone Broth, Steaks, Ground beef, Roasts and Stew Meat
Talking Tree Sarah and SylvainConverseNatural farming Seasonal produce
TavernaJamesSan AntonioMediterranean
Texas Black Gold GarlicStephen San AntonioFermented Garlic and Condiments made with Texas Black Gold Garlic
Texas Dorper LambChrisCenter PointPasture-raised Dorper lamb chops, steaks, roasts, shanks, ground, and bones
Three Six GeneralMatti and DennySan MarcosCured Meats, condiments, and seasonal selections
Vintage Heart FarmAshleyStockdalePies, Texas wild flowers
Wholesome Harvest FarmJohn SeguinSeasonal Produce
Wildflower Caramels (Sunday Market ONLY)EllynSan AntonioFair Trade certified caramels
Wild Roots BryanNew Braunfels Succulents
Yapa Artisan EmpanadasPolo and Laura San AntonioHandmade Baked Empanadas
Zanzenberg FarmKatyeCenter PointHeritage Pork

Seasonal Produce

August September
Arugula, Basil, Cantaloupe, Chard, Eggplant, Figs, Lettuce, Melons, Okra, Pears, Peas (Black-eye, Cream, Purple Hull), Peppers (Sweet and Hot), Pumpkin, Radishes, Squash (Summer), Squash (Winter), Sweet Potatoes, Watermelon Arugula, Basil, Cantaloupe, Chard, Eggplant, Figs, Lettuce, Melons, Okra, Pears, Peas (Black-eye, Cream, Purple Hull), Peppers (Sweet and Hot), Pumpkin, Radishes, Squash (Summer), Squash (Winter), Sweet Potatoes, Watermelon