Becoming a Farmers Market Vendor

Thank you for your interest in the Pearl Farmers Market, a producer's only farmers market located along the banks of the San Antonio River. The market is comprised of farmers, ranchers, and producers within a 150 mile radius of San Antonio. Since our grand opening, thousands of people have gathered at the Pearl Farmers Market to enjoy and support fresh, local food. We continue to grow and we appreciate your interest in growing with us!

Every potential vendor undergoes an extensive application process and is thoroughly vetted, including site visits and taste tests (when applicable), to ensure the integrity and quality of the producer's only farmers market. Application decisions are determined by the Pearl Brewery Farmers Market Association Board of Directors.

Steps to Become a Vendor

Step 1: Before completing the letter of interest form, please make sure you qualify, can and will commit to comply with the following:

  • Your farm/ranch/business must be within a 150 mile radius of San Antonio, TX.
  • You must grow, produce, harvest, and/or raise every product you sell at the market.
  • Reselling is not tolerated and is automatic grounds for dismissal.
  • Year round attendance is required. (unless offering seasonal products)
  • Value added and specialty products must be made with primarily local ingredients.
  • Your business and products must adhere and comply with all applicable city, state, and federal food safety rules.
  • Must maintain and provide copies of required licenses, permits, and insurance.
  • Committed to offering quality products.
  • Understand that the farmers market is a crucial part of the overall Pearl development with intertwining disciplines: food, sustainability, stewardship, culture, and community.

* The Pearl Brewery Farmers Market focuses on food products, specifically seasonal produce. At this time the Pearl Brewery Farmers Market Association does not accept applications for artisan or non-edible products such as but not limited to: jewelry, pottery, bath and body products, paintings, t-shirts, purses, candles, kitchen utensils, compost, and birdhouses.

Step 2: Read and understand the Pearl Brewery Farmers Market Rules & Regulations and Bylaws.

Step 3: Complete the Letter of Interest and mail to the below address.

Pearl Brewery Farmers Market Association
Attn: Board of Directors
303 Pearl Parkway
Suite #300
San Antonio, TX 78215

*Please send a $25.00 non-refundable application fee with your application. Please make checks out to Pearl Farmers Market Association. Your application will not be considered without the $25.00 application fee.

Step 4: The board of directors meets once per month and reviews all completed Letters of Interest. A Letter of Interest must be received at least 24 hours before the scheduled board meeting. Based on eligibility, applicants will either be asked to continue with the application process or the current information will be kept on file for future reference. A response (either via e-mail or letter) to every Letter of Interest will be sent from the board within 2 weeks of the monthly meeting.

Step 5: If the board determines the market's need for the product, a producer's statement and membership application will be sent to the applicant. Once the board receives the completed forms, a site visit will be scheduled. At the time of the site visit, samples of the product(s) will also need to be submitted for tasting.

Step 6: After each site visit, the application is reviewed again. The application is either accepted or kept on file for future reference. All applicants will be contacted regarding the board's decision. The Pearl Brewery Farmers Market Association annual membership fee is due within seven days of acceptance.

Step 7: If accepted, the potential vendor is contacted by the market manager and given more detailed information on the operational rules and regulations of the Pearl Brewery Farmers Market.


Forms & Documentation:

Pearl Brewery Farmers Market Rules & Regulations


Letter of Interest