Where can I buy souvenirs?
All of our thirteen retailers have unique and special items that will remind you of your time here at Pearl. We do not sell Pearl memorabilia, but you will surely find many treasures that are emblematic of your trip in one of the Pearl shops.

Where are the 1100 springs mentioned in the old brewery tag line?
The tagline is “from the country of 1100 springs" and refers to not only the property, but to this area overall. San Antonio is considered part of the Texas Hill Country, which is famous for plentiful springs and pristine aquifer water. Pearl Brewery was situated on the banks of the San Antonio River to have access to the once pristine water of the river. Additionally, Pearl drilled Artesian wells to tap into the aquifer water then running beneath the property.

Do you sell Pearl beer?
Yes – the Blue Box Bar sells Pearl as does Cured. We also feature extensive Texas craft beers at Blue Box, Boiler House and The Granary. Alex Rattray is brewing craft beer on site at the Granary as well. Southerleigh Fine Food and Brewery opened in April of 2015 and features a wide selection of craft beers brewed on-site in the original Pearl Brewhouse.

Where is Pearl beer made?
In Fort Worth, Texas by the Pabst Brewing company.

Where is the River Walk?
The River Walk actually spans a 30 mile loop via walkways that go through downtown, south through the missions and north through the museum reach and up to Pearl. From Pearl, the river is due west and adjacent to our amphitheater and La Gloria. If you go due south you will head towards the central riverwalk area downtown.  Combined, these areas form the longest urban linear park in the United States.


Where is the brewery?
The Brewhouse is the current home of Hotel Emma. It's the tallest building on the site and its distinct roofline is visible from the highway. Hotel Emma is now open to the public. For more info, visit

​What can I do at Pearl's public spaces?

Pearl currently has 3 public spaces, the Amphitheatre, Parkito and Plaza with a 4th on the way, The Park. The spaces are open to the public and are dog friendly. We have free WiFi and allow you to bring in food and non-alcoholic beverages. Glass is not allowed. People often meet for runs, group dog walks, and outdoor yoga sessions at the Amphitheatre, visit with friends at our outdoor seating area on The Plaza and children enjoy our Parkito. We frequently have free events at various locations on the property. Twice a year we feature the best in Latin music with our Echale Latin Music series, the first Saturday in December is our Tamales! Festival, and in the spring we host the annual Paella Challenge. The Parkito also hosts our First Thursday events in addition to a Holiday Market. Come join us anytime!

River Barge

I see boats traveling up and down the river – what is happening?
Rio San Antonio Cruises operates a River Walk Barge Tour service and a Rio Taxi service on the San Antonio River. The boat tour does not accommodate a “hop on/hop off” service. The Rio Taxi service makes off/on stops along the Downtown and Museum Reach portions of the River Walk. The boats stop running if rain is active or on the way according to radar!

Where can I catch a River Taxi from Pearl and what is the cost?
You can get on or off the Rio River Taxi (boat flies two checkered flags) at the Springs Landing Station on the opposite side of the river from Pearl. The taxi boats come up to the Mission Reach about every 30-35 minutes. To inquire about the nearest taxi and the cost, call toll free at (800) 417-4139 or locally at (210) 225-8002, ext 5, and at or  You can also use the live link on the website, click on “Rio Taxi” and choose Rio Taxi Live GPS Map to see the current location of every taxi on the river.   Pearl is not marked but is located north of Newell Avenue.

Is a River Barge Tour available from Pearl?
Common Complaint: “I’ve been waiting for an hour and still haven’t seen one.” The scheduled River Barge Tours originate in the downtown River Walk. The River Barge tours do not operate an “off/on” service. You cannot pick up a River Barge Tour at Pearl. To inquire about the location of River Barge Tour Stations, call toll free at (800) 417-4139 or locally at (210) 225-8005, ext 5, and at or

Lost & Found

Found Items
Found items should be taken to the Courtesy Patrol Office. The item(s) will be kept in a secured container for thirty (30) days. Lost items can be located by calling the onsite Courtesy Patrol at (210) 889-5287. Our Courtesy Patrol personnel will walk you through the process for claiming a lost item. If no one has turned in your lost item, you can leave a description and contact information with the Courtesy Patrol Office so we can reunite you with your item should someone turn it in.

Unclaimed Lost and Found Items
Pearl Brewery, L.L.C. or its employees or contractors are not responsible for any lost, stolen or broken items. Items are kept at Courtesy Patrol Office in the secure Lost and Found for thirty (30) days. For information regarding a lost article, please call (210) 889-5287.

Non-Solicitation Policy

Pearl recognizes the value of charitable organizations and encourages participation in these organizations.  However, to avoid disruption of business operations and to preserve the safety, enjoyment and comfort of our guests, Pearl has implemented a Non-Solicitation Policy, which will apply to organizations and individuals engaging in unapproved activities which do not have a formal sponsorship or partnership with Pearl. For the purposes of this policy, “Solicitation” shall include the following actions which are not permitted on property and may be performed through verbal, written or electronic means:

  • Canvassing
  • Seeking to obtain membership in or support for any organization
  • Requesting contributions
  • Posting or distributing handbills, pamphlets, petitions, or any similar materials
  • Giving away items/trinkets for free, food to sample or similar items
  • Peddling or otherwise selling, purchasing or offering goods or services for sale or purchase
  • Any other conduct relating to any outside business interests either for-profit or deriving personal economic benefit
  • Soliciting support for or promoting the cause of any person, viewpoint or organization

Pearl reserves the right to ask individuals to leave the property if they are found to be soliciting and to take further action if deemed necessary.  Any questions may be directed to the Pearl Office at 210-212-7260.